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Author archive for Bruce Ajari

  • Kokanee salmon make for excellent sport

    By Bruce Ajari on August 24, 2016
    Kokanee salmon (Onchorhynchus nerka) is a landlocked sockeye salmon. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc. and Kokanee Power are organizations that plant Kokanee into many of the lakes to provide an excellent fishery. Trolling with down riggers on a local lake on a recent morning. | Bruce Ajari The fisheries foundation assists the […]
  • Stampede Reservoir fishing

    By Bruce Ajari on August 17, 2016
    Stampede Reservoir, northeast of Truckee, was constructed in 1970 by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation primarily for fishery enhancement for the spawning of the endangered Cui-ui, a native fish of Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Stampede Reservoir from the boat ramp looking toward the dam. | Bruce Ajari Stampede Reservoir holds 226,500 acre feet of water when full. The surrounding land […]
  • Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers fundraiser

    By Bruce Ajari on August 10, 2016
    The Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers is a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting the sport of fly-fishing and protecting the trout-rich waters of the North Lake Tahoe area. Jamie Lyle during his casting demonstration from 2014 at the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers barbecue. Founded in 1984, the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers is a club for anglers who care about the places […]
  • Fishing back country lakes

    By Bruce Ajari on August 3, 2016
    With warm summer temperatures trout fishermen find that they need to look to alternatives to catch trout. Streams get too warm and in the lakes fish head to deeper waters that afford them the cool temperatures. These warm temperatures make it a stressful time for trout. As a result, anglers willing to walk a little into the back country can […]
  • Consider water temperatures when fishing

    By Bruce Ajari on July 27, 2016
    As we get later into the summer, water temperatures in the Truckee River are beginning to get to a point where anglers need to consider other options. On a recent outing, the evening temperature was near 67 degrees. At this temperature, the water loses the ability to support oxygen levels that are sufficient for fish. Catching a fish in these […]
  • Fishing at Prosser Reservoir

    By Bruce Ajari on July 20, 2016
    Located a short drive north of Truckee off highway 89, Prosser Reservoir provides local anglers with great angling opportunities year-round. It provides great fishing opportunities in the spring, summer and fall, as well as a short, winter ice-fishing season. Prosser Reservoir. | Bruce Ajari Anglers enjoy this lake because of the 5 mph boating restriction in place that limits it […]
  • Catch and Release fishing techniques

    By Bruce Ajari on July 13, 2016
    Many anglers have chosen to take up the practice of catch-and-release fishing. The reason can be attributed to special regulations or personal preference. Leslie Ajari demonstrates how to keep fish wet. Anglers also want to document their catch and often do so by taking that “hero shot” or “grip and grin” photograph or digital image for posterity. This has led […]
  • Fishing the Truckee River

    By Bruce Ajari on July 6, 2016
    After a year of not fishing the Truckee River due to the dire conditions last season, it was nice to set foot in some great water at a familiar location. Having walked the path near my home many times over the years, the anticipation was overwhelming. We were looking at the gently flowing water that appeared to be in perfect […]
  • National treasure at Manzanita Lake

    By Bruce Ajari on June 29, 2016
    Manzanita Lake is a beautiful, small lake in Lassen National Park that is pretty well known for its great catch-and-release fly-fishing for rainbow and brown trout. Anglers must use artificial lures or flies with single barbless hooks. A valid California fishing license is also required even though the lake is in a national park. Manzanita Lake with Mount Lassen in […]
  • Aquatic Insects

    By Bruce Ajari on June 22, 2016
      As fly-fishers, we are very much in tune to what insects the fish are eating. Ernest Schwiebert’s book, “Matching the Hatch,” written in 1955, was the standard on what fish eat and how to match them with flies. Fly-fishers know the aquatic insects in their home waters. Hatches in the East and West are quite different. However, anglers in […]