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Author archive for Tim Hauserman

  • Snowshoeing: Walking on snow

    By Tim Hauserman on January 27, 2016
    What form of winter exercise is inexpensive, requires just two pieces of equipment, gets you away from the crowds and can be done by just about anyone between the ages of 6 and 90? Snowshoeing. The good news is that those huge, wooden contraptions that were once used to clumsily travel over deep snow are now ancient artifacts adorning the […]
  • Sleigh bells ring at Sand Harbor

    By Tim Hauserman on January 13, 2016
    While the beauty of a snowy winter at Tahoe is hard to beat, sometimes we all need to beat a path away from the crowds. Surprisingly, one place where you will find peace and quiet in the winter is one of the busiest places at Tahoe in the summer – Sand Harbor State Park.   Borges offer horse-drawn sleigh rides […]
  • Teaching how to deal with grief · Dr. Kim Bateman

    By Tim Hauserman on January 13, 2016
    Kim Bateman moved to Tahoe City for her sophomore year at North Tahoe High School. It was quite an adjustment coming from the cultural capital that is New York to a place where the focus was more on recreation then culture. But she loved it, playing three sports, acting in the school plays and making good friends. But in the […]
  • Nordic Ski Guide · Winter 2015-2016

    By Tim Hauserman on December 30, 2015
    After a disappointing year in the cross-country ski world in 2014-15, legions of Nordic skiers having been exploring the cross-country resorts that are open. The Tahoe-Truckee region provides the greatest concentration of cross-country skiing opportunities in North America with more than 500km of groomed trails. Most resorts have equipment to rent and also provide access for snowshoeing. Some even provide […]
  • Winter fun with the kids

    By Tim Hauserman on December 16, 2015
    With the deep snow arriving in Tahoe, skiing is always option. But what if you and the kids want to take a day off from skiing? Here are some surefire ways to keep children happy without skis: Northstar Icering | A. Rose     Woodward Tahoe Located at the base of Boreal Mountain Resort on Donner Summit, Woodward is a […]
  • Back to school · Avalanche training will save your life

    By Tim Hauserman on December 16, 2015
      You wake up to a blue bird day, with 2 feet of fresh powder laying still on the mountains above Lake Tahoe. Your new back-country ski gear sits next to the front door and you can’t wait to enjoy your first day of skiing where the lifts don’t run. Lel Tone demonstrates how to search for someone buried by […]
  • Enriching education in Tahoe · Kelli Twomey

    By Tim Hauserman on December 2, 2015
    A lot of great things get done in our community by people who quietly do what is needed without fanfare. One of those people getting it done is Kelli Twomey. When I told her I wanted to write her story, she quickly replied, “Nobody would be interested in my story,” Hopefully, she is wrong. Kelli Twomey at the finish line […]
  • Life is to be lived · Roger Huff

    By Tim Hauserman on October 28, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman     Roger Huff’s most recent book is “Tales and Towns along the Truckee: 100 years of history.” Long-time Tahoe lover Roger Huff began scuba diving at the age of 13, and later earned degrees in oceanography and biology. He has searched for sunken ships, been in the Navy for decades, and worked as a technology specialist […]
  • Enjoying the beauty of beavers

    By Tim Hauserman on October 14, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman From left, Ted Guzzi, Toogee Sielsch and Dwayne Crenshaw install a third pipe in a pond leveler at the main beaver dam on Taylor Creek. | Sierra Wildlife Coalition With Lake Tahoe below its natural rim, the only water flowing into the Truckee River is through springs and small streams. And yet, the mile of river upstream […]
  • Alpine awe in Hope Valley

    By Tim Hauserman on October 14, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman The Carson River flows through Hope Valley. | Tim Hauserman   Local school children take part in a living history wagon train across Hope Valley. | Tim Hauserman   Spectacular road biking This roadside stop is also a good beginning for a road bike ride through the valley. A few possible routes are available: Ride west on […]