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Author archive for Tim Hauserman

  • Summer’s best swimming holes

    By Tim Hauserman on July 1, 2015
    Story & photos by Tim Hauserman ·  Paradise Lake provides some of the same jumping-off-granite-into-cool-waters joy that you will find in Desolation Wilderness ·  There is something oh so special about finding your exceptional place to swim in the mountains on a warm Sierra afternoon. Whether it’s a private cove on the shore of Lake Tahoe, or a mountain lake […]
  • Building a life on the water Anik & Jay Wild | a local profile

    By Tim Hauserman on July 1, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman ·  The Wild’s dream is to build a foundation to create world-class standup Paddleboarders. Jay Wild enjoying a day on Lake Tahoe ·  Lake Tahoe is home to many world-class athletes who can’t wait to spread their passion for the sports they love. But what happens when two athletes who are bursting with enthusiasm for human-powered water […]
  • Single track & switchbacks | Tahoe Time

    By Tim Hauserman on June 24, 2015
    Story by Tim Hauserman ·    Enjoying the views from the top of the Lakeview Trail at Tahoe Cross Country. | Tim Hauserman ·  For the Tahoe mountain biker, the recent steady rains are like powder to a skier. Something not to be missed. Rain eliminates the dust and makes the trails firm, tacky and a pleasure to ride. Ride […]
  • Heidi Doyle | Bringing the parks to the people

    By Tim Hauserman on June 17, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman ·  In 1986, Heidi Doyle was living in Germany when she got a summer job working as a park ranger performing boat patrol in Emerald Bay. For the next 17 years, Heidi spent three-quarters of the year living in Germany, Saudi Arabia and upstate New York, while her husband worked for the U.S. Department of Defense, and […]
  • Astounding beauty on Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway

    By Tim Hauserman on June 10, 2015
    Story & photos by Tim Hauserman ·    The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway is a 116-mile pathway under construction between Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake. It began in 2003 with the vision of Janet Phillips, now president of the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway, the nonprofit that is bringing the vision to reality. With exciting additions to the route over the last few years, the […]
  • Finding her true calling | Jess Moreno

    By Tim Hauserman on June 10, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman ·  Court Leve | Courtesy Jess Moreno ·   For Jess Moreno, her most important decisions have come from her heart. Deep feelings of intuition have led her in the direction of what the next step in her life should be, and almost always for the better, she says. The last time she said that she followed this […]
  • Hike 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail

    By Tim Hauserman on June 3, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman ·  The 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail winds along mile after mile of ridge tops with spectacular lake views. It crosses luscious meadows overloaded with purple lupine and orange paintbrush. It flows through deep forests of lichen-covered firs, and tip toes along the granite-lined shores of sparkling wilderness lakes. And, yet, with eight major sections, the TRT is […]
  • Harnessing the fire inside | Genevieve Evans

    By Tim Hauserman on June 3, 2015
    By Tim Hauserman ·  Genevieve competes and wins in the Cascade Cream Puff in 2014 ·  Tahoe is full of world-class athletes. Some we see in television commercials looking ravishing selling underwear or GoPro. Some we see in videos jumping off cliffs or doing promotions for new products. It’s all good. That is the nature of the game. Promote yourself […]
  • Tahoe Time | Enjoy region’s waterfalls early

    By Tim Hauserman on May 20, 2015
    Story by Tim Hauserman ·   There is something both peaceful and invigorating in the sound of a waterfall. With their power and majesty, falling water holds a unique place in the human heart. Here at Tahoe, what makes the falls especially beautiful is how the rushing water courses through shiny rock and deep forests before taking the big leap […]
  • Tahoe Time | Riding & eating across the Sierra Valley

    By Tim Hauserman on May 6, 2015
    Story & photos by Tim Hauserman ·   Stop at Smithneck Farms Cafe in Sierraville for good home cooking and milk shakes.   Just 25 miles north of Truckee lies the Sierra Valley. It’s a serene place of tiny towns, sprawling cattle ranches and wetlands filled with birds. It’s also a great place to bring a bike, so you can […]