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Stir It Up

  • Easter Ham

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on April 9, 2014
    Incredible. I woke up this morning, turned on my computer to write this article and realized; Wow, I must need another cup of coffee. Did I sleep through a month or so of winter? The way this winter went, I don’t think I needed to hibernate for even a week. Well, there was that one cold week early in the […]
  • Greens, Eggs & Bacon

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on March 26, 2014
    I think that I need to set the stage for this one a little before giving you the recipe. So, there I was on my way to Reno after finishing my article and sending it into the paper. Yes, you read that right; I had already written my article and needed to pick up some vacuum sealing bags for the […]
  • Walk-In Soup

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on March 12, 2014
    This year, and especially the last few weeks, has been such a mixed bag of weather, it is really hard to tell what you’ve got. Being a skier, it has been wicked hard to figure how to dress and what skis to use. The weather has been often raining at the bottom of the mountain but snow up top with […]
  • Sausage Lentil Stew

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on February 26, 2014
    So, I have to ask: Are you a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty person? With the way the weather has been this year, it’s pretty easy to see both sides of the coin. I mean, first we had little snow with some fairly warm days and there were only maybe six runs you could safely ski without churning up a bunch […]
  • Breakfast Sandwich

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on February 12, 2014
    Good morning and welcome to another episode of Stir it Up. OK, so I know that this is an article and episode might be more appropriate for a television series, but sometimes while trying to come up with a recipe, things can turn a little wacky to say the least and, if you were there, it could even seem like […]
  • Beef Stir Fry

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on January 29, 2014
      Well, here we are into the end of January and things are still looking, as well as feeling, like early spring. This is the time of the winter for one of the most exciting skiing events started a few years ago by Daron Rahlves. I’m talking about the Rahlves Banzai Tour. Remember the Chinese Downhill in the movie “Hot […]
  • Meatballs

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on January 15, 2014
    Looking at the weather reports has always been part of the daily routine for anyone that lives in a resort area. The weather can and does affect our daily lives much more than it will impact those people living in the city with a regular 9 to 5 job. In the summer, resorts count on nice, sunny weather to attract […]
  • Wiener Schnitzel

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on January 8, 2014
    The 1960 Winter Olympics: I remember it like it was yesterday. Just kidding; I was only 5-years-old and not even in third grade yet. It wasn’t until the 1968 Olympics that I really started following them, especially the skiing. I was still a few years shy of skiing for the first time, but watching skiers like Jean Claude Killy, Billy […]
  • Holiday appetizers: Chicken Duxelle Pinwheels

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on December 25, 2013
    I was talking to Speedy, and we were trying to think of a traditional New Year’s dinner for a good recipe idea. OK, we weren’t really talking; we were texting back and forth (But don’t even bother to try texting me. I can only text from home using my iPod touch; my phone doesn’t text, so if you text me, […]
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  • Green Bean Casserole

    By Chef David “Smitty” Smith on December 11, 2013
    I have a question for you: How many of you make green bean casserole for one of your side dishes for holiday meals? OK, one more question: how many of you use a canned mushroom soup for the base of said casserole? What if I was to tell you there is a way to make your green bean casserole without […]
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