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  • Fall season for ski, action flicks

    By The Weekly on September 22, 2016
    Some of the biggest names in action films have announced upcoming showings of films from Level 1, Warren Miller Entertainment, Teton Gravity Research, Red Bull Media and Matchstick Productions, among others. “Dodo’d Delight”  |  Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll climbing on Baffin Island, Canada.  |   Ben Ditto REEL ROCK 11 TOUR Sept. 22 | High Altitude Fitness | Incline Village, Nev. Sept. […]
  • Night biking & other shenanigans

    By Casey Glaubman on September 21, 2016
    I was fortunate enough to get to participate in one of On Course Events’ signature nighttime mountain bike races in South Lake Tahoe. Bike Night was held, of all places, at the Lake Tahoe Golf Course. Yep, right down the fairway, over the bridges and through the sand traps. Oh, and did I mention that the entire race takes place […]
  • Pushing the limits · Duo attempts 27,000’ rapid ascent

    By Priya Hutner on September 21, 2016
    What compels a couple to push the limits of their physical, emotional and mental well being to the extreme? Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington are the poster children for just that. Emily Harrington | Jon Glassberg At press time for this edition, the couple was preparing for a climbing adventure that takes extreme to new heights. They plan to take on […]
  • Autumn trails

    By Tim Hauserman on September 21, 2016
    Once the crowds of summer have left, it’s time to put on your hiking shoes and hit the trail. The weather is still usually nice and the trails are not as crowded. How about checking out one of these classic hikes to the top of Tahoe’s two favorite mountains or enjoying a fall-color romp? Views of Lake Tahoe and Cascade […]
  • Amy Berry

    By Kayla Anderson on September 21, 2016
    Coming off of a hike in the Tahoe Meadows with two Tahoe Fund board members, a donor and four dogs, Amy Berry radiates the Lake Tahoe summer lifestyle in shorts, a Lake Tahoe T-shirt and baseball cap. “It’s nice to go out and enjoy Tahoe because we’re all working so hard to preserve it,” Berry says. Amy and her daughter […]
  • John & Jessie Frémont: Western Power Couple, Part II

    By Mark McLaughlin on September 21, 2016
    As Lt. John C. Frémont and his men crossed the Tahoe Sierra in February 1844, they were plagued by snowstorms and bouts of snow blindness. On Feb. 6, Charles Preuss, the expedition’s cartographer, wrote in his diary: “The snow is so horribly deep, and we can cover only a few miles each day. I am walking almost barefoot. This surpasses […]
  • A climber’s tuff, granite paradise · Cragging Tahoe Style

    By Alyssa Ganong on September 14, 2016
    I heard someone say recently that if you walk a few hundred yards in any direction in Tahoe, you’ll find a rock to climb on. And, if you take a look around, that’s a hard statement to deny. Tahoe is blessed with a bounty of rock set in picturesque landscapes with incredible views of mountains and lakes. A climber’s paradise. […]
  • Invasive species invade dinner plates

    By Jenn Sheridan on September 14, 2016
    I love seafood, particularly shellfish, but living in the mountains makes accessing fresh-caught creatures of the sea somewhat difficult. Although fresh seafood is readily available in many Tahoe and Reno restaurants, I often feel guilty about the time and resources it takes for a sea-to-table dinner in the mountains. However, thanks to Tahoe’s invasive population of crayfish, satisfying that craving […]
  • Chuck Buckley

    By Kayla Anderson on September 14, 2016
    One thing that stuck with Chuck Buckley through ups and downs of his life was his skateboard. Chuck, Bella and Leland Buckley grew up in Maryland, moved to Hawaii for a bit and then to Northern Idaho to snowboard. Spending three winters in Idaho and three summers in Southern California, he eventually found himself in Tahoe where he finally settled […]
  • John & Jessie Frémont: An American Power Couple

    By Mark McLaughlin on September 14, 2016
    The men in Lt. John Charles Frémont’s command were a bit confused. They had spent the spring and summer of 1843 trekking west into Oregon Territory (Pacific Northwest), exploring and mapping as they went. Their orders seemed clear enough. Survey the Oregon Trail by carrying a line of astronomical and barometric observations through to the Columbia River (for a possible […]